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Hot Sex Stories on Badults

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Do we ever really make "mistakes"?
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Sam Enjoys Her Special 1-2-1 Karate Lesson
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Peeking into a whole new world

Erotic literature and sex stories

Sexual fantasies is the common feature of erotic literature. The fantasies are mainly on themes such as orgies, prostitution, sadomasochism, first-time sex and homosexuality among others. Explicit language may not be used to express these themes. Other elements such as attire and the social criticism are also featured. Romance stories and novels have been the publishing market's biggest share for many years. They are mutable and the prolific authors are very successful. Graphic romance is the new trend. You are able to see a broad picture about how the partners are interacting inside the bedroom through an open door, from the time the hero becomes affectionate and playful, to when then the heroin purrs around the hero. You see when the hero expresses his feelings and how much the heroin trusts him.

Porn is written to express the sexual gratification purpose. The plot, the character development plus the romance are primarily designed only to incite you to orgasm. Erotica are stories about the characters' sexual journey but not about romantic relationship development. On the other hand, erotic romance are written stories about romantic relationship development through a sexual interaction. The story's inherent part is sex, as well as the development of the relationship and the character growth. The storyline will be damaged if the sex part is removed. In sex romance stories, sex is not the inherent part and the storyline will not be damaged if it is removed. Badults provides a lot of sex stories that stimulates every sexual fantasy that one may have.

Themes of erotic stories

Themes from some erotic stories that you will find on Badults are:


An orgy happens when guests in a party engage in group and open sexual activities freely. It is an experience that you will never forget. You will be naked for the better part of the party since nudity is the best thing about orgies. Since the orgy-attendees may sometimes forget who they have slept with, it is important that you have something on, like a hat o helmet to distinguish you from the rest of the men. The number of men in orgy parties is always bigger than the number of women. This means that you should be prepared to partners as well as coming in contact with other dicks.


It is whereby, females engage in sexual activities in order to earn a living. Prostitutes are lovemaking masters and they have many several partners a night. If your sexual appetite is very high a prostitute is better than a girlfriend for you. She will be comfortable to get intimate with you on that first day, hence there is no time wasted in the name of knowing each other. It also saves you money that you would have wasted during dates with a girlfriend before you engage in sexual intercourse. Sexual experience with a prostitute can be unforgettable since she can and he is willing to engage all kinds of sexual activities.


This is when you derive sexual satisfaction by infliction of pain towards yourself and other. A sado-masochist takes sexual pleasure from receiving pain or out of giving pain. This pain includes biting and scratching. You enjoy the pain as a stimulation form. Sadistic fantasy prevalence is high in women than in men.

The first sex

Your first sex encounter is a very important event in your life because it is when virginity is lost. Some people want save their virginity for a special person or until they get married. Deciding about the right time to have the first sex is a personal decision. For many people it works out just exactly as they had planned, but for others it may not. Your first time, though sometimes not so romantic, it is very a memorable event since this it marks another milestone in your life. It may be very awkward and painful. A long, deep breath helps you relax and get ready. Enjoying the foreplay, touching, kissing, manual sex and oral sex to makes sure that you are genuinely aroused and turned on.

Sex with a stranger

It is everyone’s fantasy to have sex with a total stranger, and initiating it is not as hard as it sounds. Whether you want sex with an Aussie girl or an Indian girl in the inside they are all the same. So if you are at a party it is important to pick the pray well, then start conversing with her. A little touch is not bad but make sure you do not make her feel uncomfortable. Complement her and try to invite her to your house or a room. If the girl agrees, then you have won her already.

Other sex stories available on Badults

Besides the sex stories discussed, there are other erotic fantasies written by our author Shannon Kelly on Badults such as sex parties, masturbation and anal sex.


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