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With Badults it's quick and easy to hook up in NZ

We're not saying that registering with will change your life, but it'll do a helluva lot for your love life – that's guaranteed! This adult dating site is your one stop shop for hookups in New Zealand.

Hot Kiwi couple getting intimate in bed
Hot young couples like this hook up through dating sites

Have a squizz at some of the benefits:

  • Doesn't matter where you live. Whether you dwell in the big smoke or the boonies, our nationwide reach means that there'll always be someone in your area ready to light your fire.
  • It's great no matter what you're into. Swingers, cuckolds, kinksters of various stripes, they're all welcome. So even if you're after something a bit more complicated than a quick tumble in the sack, don't be ashamed to come on in.
  • It's good for guys and girls. Are you a lady looking for Mr Right Now? There's plenty going on here for you too.
  • It's safe and discreet. While some areas of the internet might not be quite so anonymous as they used to be, prides itself on its security. So you can let your hair down here safe in the knowledge that there'll be no blowback on your private life.
  • Joining up is so simple, why are we even bothering to discuss it? The straightforward registering process takes just a few moments of your time. Seriously, you could have logged on by now!

What kinds of girls want to hook up in NZ?

Kiwi beach babe with gorgeous breasts

Short answer: all sorts. You'll meet a whole smorgasbord of tasty chicks online. Slim girls, curvy girls. Country girls, city girls. Because it's so speedy and efficient – not to mention fun! – more and more women are turning to dating sites for hassle-free local hookups. As a result, our database is chocka with stunning female talent of all shapes and sizes.

Maybe you're after some sizzling Desi action? In that case scan our hookup site for luscious Indian girls in Waikato and Wellington. Trust us, they're out there waiting to hear from you – just remember to bone up on your Kamasutra first! Or maybe you'd like to make out with Maori girls on the surf beaches of Gisborne?

Or see what the Chinese girls of Dunedin have up their silky sleeves? Or perhaps you've got a thing for Tauranga girls, as juicy as the kiwifruit that grows there in abundance? These mouth-watering dreams can all become realities when you hook up in NZ via our site.

NZ girls are known for not being shy. Once you start the motor running, these ladies will go flat out. Just message them through the site and set up a date, and there's every chance you'll be getting lucky.

Can people with more niche tastes still hook up in NZ online?

For many visitors, the thrill of a casual hook up in NZ is enough. Making eye contact with a complete stranger across a crowded room, then dropping your gear and knocking boots until the bedsprings cave in – well, you can see the appeal. But others want more. They're looking for a particular kind of soulmate, or they're eager to try out various fantasy scenarios, even gay dating action is possible to find! Adult dating sites are a great place to expand your sexual horizons. Here's a taster of what else is out there:

  • Dogging in Central Queenstown. With its bungee jumping and sky-diving, the city attracts the adventurous in spirit, so you can count on its sex scene to be pretty wild too.
  • Swinging in Nelson City. Those artsy-craftsy hipster types know all about free love, so throw your car keys in the jar and discover who you'll be going home with tonight.
  • BDSM in Auckland. Host to a glitzy annual Fetish Ball, this town has an affinity with chains and leather.

It isn't always easy for a newbie to break into these scenes. Adult dating sites give you a quick entrée into local groups with special interests. You'll soon find you can hook up in NZ not only with individuals but with the networks that make things happen and keep life interesting. Sign on up and get ready to join the inner circle.

Is it true that the hottest guys and girls hook up in NZ online too?

NZ guy and girl going flat out

These days you can meet exactly the same calibre of people online as you would in the Grand Central in Ponsonby or Stacks in Queenstown. That's because there's no longer any stigma attached to internet dating. With the technology so widely available, everyone's doing it – pun intended.

Which isn't to say that sites like Badults have altogether replaced bar hopping and nights on the tiles as the prime way of hooking up in New Zealand. Instead, they work alongside these tried and tested methods, helping you to make the most of your leisure hours and find that elusive happy ending. Just check the site to see who's in the neighbourhood, send out a few messages and suddenly you're looking at a whole world of possibilities. And it's the same whether you're a guy looking for a girl in Britomart or a girl trying to land herself a guy in leafy Cambridge, a town famous for its studs (they mean horses, but the men are pretty studly too).

Best of all, hooking up around NZ online is safe and secure, keeping your private life under wraps. In that way, you can be confident that things won't get messy – unless you want them to! You can meet the people you want to meet and steer clear of the ones you don't. You can have as many or as few partners as you like. You can share your tastes and explore new possibilities. And it all starts with a simple click of a button.

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