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The New Age of the Casual Encounters

The digital age has revolutionized casual encounters. Online singles communities like Badults have created unique environments where like-minded people can come together and find exactly what they are looking for, no matter how specific their desires. Nowadays, former hotspots like sexshops smoky barrooms located off the beaten track have been replaced by chatrooms accessible from your bedroom via your computer. Instead of a few options to choose from, there are thousands of potential partners for casual encounters available. Instead of a rushed conversation that takes place over the noise of music and chatter, you can communicate in writing or get things a little more personal straightaway with a webcam interaction.

man and woman in bed after their casual encounter

The ease with which people can now pursue a sexual lifestyle built around enjoying a casual encounter has led to an explosion in the number of people who choose to do so. The Internet has broken down sexual barriers and taboos and instigated a new sexual revolution. Gay or lesbian sex is possible as often as You want it. And, thanks to this revolution, we are now starting to see just how beneficial a causal encounter can really be.

The Benefits of Casual Encounters

a casual encounter leads to a sexy make-out session When most people think of the benefits of casual encounters, the first thought that springs to mind is likely 'damn good sex!' Don’t get us wrong, we very much agree that this is an excellent benefit! However, it may surprise people to learn that, as data on the effects of casual encounters is gathered in increasing quantities, researchers have started to reveal more and more about different kinds of ways in which casual encounters can actually have a positive influence on your life and health, with both short and long term benefits. One of the most surprising effects of casual encounters are its psychological effects. We all know how passionate free sex can be a mood elevator, releasing a delicious cocktail of chemicals in the brain that can create happiness, increase self-esteem and by extension, create physical benefits in the body as well. However, new research by the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science has revealed that the psychological benefits for certain individuals can be even more far reaching, as casual encounters enables them to live in an 'authentic' way. What this boils down to in simple terms is that, if you are the kind of sexually liberal individual who believes a sex life should be varied and take in a range of different kinds of partner, casual encounters represents a great way of acting in accordance with your internal character. This can offset the various kinds of internal psychological conflicts that can have negative effects. The lesson to bear in mind here is that while a casual encounter is not for everyone, if it is the kind of thing that gels with your world-view, you may find yourself enjoying a more fulfilled sense of self as a consequence of pursuing it.

But Wait! It is not Just All in Your Head

Recent research has also shown that those who regularly engage in a casual encounter are also more equipped to understand the nuances of different relationship types, are therefore better able to navigate the complex social and sexual universe around them and ultimately experience more fulfilment from their long-term relationships. The key difference here is that casual encounters and liberal environments like the online community of Badults offer an opportunity for people to explore what they want to explore with the kinds of people they want to do it with. The end result is a person who has a much better understanding of who they are and what it is exactly that they like. This often results in a more direct and authentic way of communicating and existing with potential future or just affair dating partners. In other words, they are more likely to end up with more of the kinds of people that they really like.

How to Set Up Casual Encounters Online Successfully: A Brief Guide to Maximizing Your Hook-ups

Now that you know the benefits, you are probably even more eager to get started. But just like seeking out casual encounters in the traditional way, there are some tips and tricks involved in upping success rates. The first thing to be aware of is that even on a website aimed at singles like Badults, there are still going to be people interested in different kinds of things. If your focus is getting casual encounters going, you need to develop a good system for filtering out people who are interested in something less casual. The best advice to achieve this is not to be coy about what you are after. While you don't have to be brutally honest and 100% matter of fact (remembering that playfulness is a big part of flirtation), there is still no point in beating around the bush about what you are in this for, as this will just waste your time and theirs and the experience-seekers and nymphos at Badults don't like to waist their time. Also, you need to keep a weather eye out for people who really just want to enjoy a bit of online flirtation without taking things any further. A good system for protecting yourself against these fruitless endeavours is to set a rough limit on how long you spend on getting to know someone trough a little flirtation and, once that has elapsed, start to escalate things in the direction you want it to go. If you find someone is not responding in an equally direct manner, it is probably best to move on. Plenty more singles hooking up in NZ are out there, so use the numbers to give you the confidence to ditch timewasters.

Havwe you ever thought also that maybe you are into something more in a group, or experience some other way to hookup? Swinging is also out there and you might find people, that just like you are looking and aiming for finding something in this direction. Try and find out:

finishing the casual encounter with sensual kissing

Get Ready for Big Changes

A casual encounter is not for everyone. Some people find it goes against their own personal values and some others simply don't enjoy the experience. However, for people how find the experience fulfilling, exciting and fun, there has never been a better time to seek out casual encounters. Websites such as Badults have made it easy to find like-minded individuals and offer sophisticated methods of getting to know people, their personality and their sexual interests before every arranging to meet in person, no matter if you are a mechanic or a naughty professor, Badults offers you multiple chances to get laid. This means that when you start taking advantage of this resource, the number of partners and casual encounters you experience will increase dramatically to the point where you'll regret the wasted years before you realised this was a thing! If you still don't have enough read the hot sex story "Casual Encounters With My Coach". It's the story of how an ordinary girls football coach used free sex to improve the performances of his team One of the female team members tells everything about his sexual prowess and how he made them play better than ever, with the promise of sexual fulfilment every time they won.

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